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You're Cool as Hell

Our Letters to My Younger Self series features letters from people around the world dedicated to their younger selves. Read on for throwbacks, humour, and heartfelt advice.

This letter is written by playwright and producer Natalia Knowlton to her younger self.

Teenage Natalia

  • You look awesome with purple and green eyeliner, ignore the haters

  • You don't have to be completely hairless to be desired or loved (and go easy on the eyebrows... but I know you won't listen)

  • Don't become someone else just to impress your crushes (they're idiots anyway)

  • 'Virginity' is not a thing, so stop obsessing over when you'll 'lose it' (start with loving and accepting yourself first)

  • Be patient! I know you feel stuck and can't wait to leave high school but you'll grow immensely through this challenging time

  • I know you also want to leave Edmonton but enjoy it while you're there. You will actually miss it

  • Savour the present, especially your family and friends. Everything in life is transient, don't take it for granted

Natalia in her 30s.

  • Pursue your passion, even if it upsets everyone in your life (the right people will get over it)

  • But stay open and curious. Sometimes life takes its course and it's better than your dreams

  • You are not lazy. You work hard at the things that matter to you

  • Don't worry about how you'll make a living in the future. Trust in the process, trust yourself

PS: Stop trying to make 'NAK' happen as a cool new nickname, it's NOT going to happen!

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