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Enjoy the party!

Our Letters to My Younger Self series features letters from people around the world dedicated to their younger selves. Read on for throwbacks, humour, and heartfelt advice.

This letter is written by Columbian performer, director, and artist Mariana Aristizábal Pardo to her younger self.



Mariana today.

I imagine you must be plotting your next party, and let me tell you, they get better with time, although hangovers get worse...

But I guess what changes is that you become more comfortable about yourself, your body, your moves and how you find pleasure in your own movement, not for someone else’s sake, but for your own sake. And when you allow yourself to experience that, you become freerer.

Another important thing that I would like you to know is that your voice, your opinion matters and no one has better judgment than you. So allow yourself to doubt, to question, to feel unsure of things even if others are on board: YOU DON’T NEED TO. Sitting in uncertainty is hard but it is really important to know yourself, your limits and your possibilities.

Mari don’t let others tell you what it is that you should be or not be doing at your age! Even if you don’t know it, you are extremely responsible, have a good sense of judgment and know when a situation is dangerous. So please, listen more to yourself.

Also allow yourself to be more irreverent, don’t always seek approval.. you won’t get it that often as you grow, but always be responsible for your actions.

Enjoy the party!


Mariana is the talented director behind Friday Night Love Poem, which will stream on ZOOTV from August 16-29, 2021, available to view worldwide.

To learn more about Mariana's work, check out her Creativity Spotlight interview.

Want to submit a letter to your younger self? Email Natalia at for more details!

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