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Dearest Vanoushka...

Our Letters to My Younger Self series features letters from people around the world dedicated to their younger selves. Read on for throwbacks, humour, and heartfelt advice.

This letter is written by Canadian actor and voiceover artist Vanessa Labrie to her younger self.

Vanessa's younger self.

Dearest Vanessa, Van, Vanoushka,

(but *not* Vaness, we still don’t like that nickname),

It’s 2021 and to be honest, the only thing I know for certain, is that we still don’t know anything. In fact, that’s the main thing you should know: nobody has any clue what they’re doing, and *everyone* is winging it. All those adults out there telling you what to do? They’re just doing their best with the knowledge they have.

And there’s no “goal”, “end point”, or “when I grow up” moment that you reach.

I’m so sorry to be so woo-woo, but there really is just the journey and navigating the ins and outs of it.

So please make sure that when you hit those special, blissful moments where you feel happy, that you actually take a minute to acknowledge them. And go: oh wow, a year ago I never would have thought I’d be here, or even a month ago I never thought this would be possible and yet I am. Soak it all in.

Remember everything is impermanent, nothing lasts, the good and the bad stuff, even if you really think it might.

Vanessa, thirty flirty and thriving. Photo by Ruth Crafer.

Be kind, say thank you more, hug your people more, listen more. Find all the things that make you happy and do more of that, even if it feels lame, or random, or unproductive.

Everything is working just the way it should. I promise.

And dear god, please stop plucking those eyebrows hunnie, you’ll hate to admit it but mom was right.

Xxx You, in your thirties, flirty and thriving.


Vanessa plays the fierce and funny Paula in Friday Night Love Poem, which will stream on ZOOTV from August 16-29, 2021, available to view worldwide.

Want to submit a letter to your younger self? Email Natalia at for more details!

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